Account Registration

How to register for a new Gemma account

On the Gemma home page, click on ‘Log In’ in the top right corner. This will open a dialog box. Click on “Need an account? Register”. Once you have entered the required information, click ‘Submit’.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provided. In order to sign in to Gemma after registering for a new Gemma Account, you must click on the link in the confirmation email that was sent to the email address you provided when registering. After clicking this link your account will be activated and you will be able to sign in.

Trouble with registration?

If you have lost or cannot find the confirmation email, click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ in the ‘Log In’ window to reset your password and you will recieve a new confirmation email.

If you still have trouble signing in please email with a description of your problem.