Platform analysis details

This page explains some of the information we store about platforms.

  • Short Name: The simple short name commonly used
  • Alternate Names: Other names this array might be called by
  • Species: The taxon that the platform is used for
  • Number of probes: Number of probes on the array and a link to a tool (magnifying glass) for searching through these probes
  • External accessions: Reference to the platform in another database (click on the logo to go there)
  • Experiments using this platform: Number of experiments in Gemma that use this array and a link (magnifying glass) for viewing those experiments
  • Type: The kind of data we believe this platform produces
  • Description: a description of the platform, generally provided by the original data source
  • Annotation files: Text based, tab delimited annotation files for this platform (if there are any)
  • Sequence analysis details
    1. Probes: Number of probes/probe sets/elements on the platform
    2. With seq: Number of probes with sequences given by manufacturer
    3. With align: Number of probes with at least one genome alignment
    4. Mapped: Number of probes mapped to Genes (including predicted and Unknown)
    5. Known: Number of probes mapping to known genes
    6. Predicted: Number of probes mapping to predicted genes
    7. Unknown: Number of probes mapping to non-gene locations in the genome
    8. Unique Genes: Number of unique genes on the array
    9. Date: the exact time that Gemma generated the probe summary report