Gemma current version

For details see the release notes.


●  gemma-web-1.7.war The Gemma web application.

Note that these files are not likely to be of immediate use for most visitors, as most functionality requires a correctly configured system with a Gemma database. If you are interested in establishing your own Gemma installation, please contact us for assistance.

Software developers might be interested in using the lower-level functionality provided (for example, PubMed tools).

If you want to access Gemma data without using the web interface, one option is the web services. Another option, for coexpression data, is Gemscape, a Cytoscape plugin.

Source Code


More information about Gemma’s source is available here. – BaseCode is a set of code used by multiple projects in our lab. More details about basecode are here.

Data downloads are currently available through the various pages within the Gemma webapp. Bulk views of data from Gemma are available on request.